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The Mercer County Soil Conservation District (MCSCD) is organized as a political subdivision of the State of North Dakota. The governing body is vested in the elected and appointed supervisors, who will work with Natural Resources Conservation Service to assist farmers and ranchers in Mercer County in addressing their Natural Resource concerns. Originally established as two separate districts in 1948 and 1951, the East Mercer County District was organized August 21, 1948, and the West Mercer County District was organized January 28, 1951. On June 10, 1964, an election was held at the Soil Conservation District office for the purpose of consolidating the West and East Districts. On July 21, 1964, they were officially reorganized as the Mercer County Soil Conservation District.

Board of Directors

The MCSCD Board is made up of three elected officials who serve six-year terms and two appointed supervisors who serve for one year. The Board is the official governing body of the soil conservation district and carries out programs to conserve and develop the natural resources within the district.

Board Members
Left to right: Jason Erickson, Janet Connolly, Wayne Windhorst, Marc Schriefer, Jeff Ellwein.
Marc Schriefer, Appointed Vice Chairman
Janet Connolly, Elected Supervisor
Jeff Ellwein, Elected Supervisor
Wayne Windhorst, Elected Supervisor
Jason Erickson, Appointed Supervisor


The full-time MCSCD staff work closely with a team of seasonal specialists and USDA/NRCS employees to provide a number of technical and educational programs throughout the District.

Sarah Tunge, SCD District Manager

Brian Kerns, SCD District Technician / Watershed Coordinator

Mark Johannes, Assistant SCD Technician / Watershed Coordinator

Lori Klein, NRCS District Conservationist

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